Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Smoking Cigars in the rain in London?

Sautter of Mount street is a charming little traditional Cigar store in Fashionable Mount Street Mayfair.

It has been selling Cigars since Desmond Sautter started his business 50 years ago and developed a world wide reputation as a the pre eminent supplier of pre Revolution Cuban cigars in London.

It is the second cigar store on The Cuban Cigar Walk London and as part of the celebrations for their 50th year Johnny Burman has produced a range of umbrellas so that you can smoke your cigars even in the most inclement London weather.

There is a choice of three umbrellas but this one caught our attention because it has a hollow handle with a spring loaded mechanism which is designed to accommodate one of your finest cigars so you need never be without a cigar what ever the weather.

For more details please visit the Sautter web site

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