Sunday, September 27, 2009

A great home for your Cigars in London - The Ultimate Humidors - Part Two

While I tramp the streets of London in search of cigars and stories and likely locations to include in my Audio Guides I frequently make extra ordinary discoveries. I recently visited the Tom Tom shop in London where four of the Hunters and Frankau / Linley limited edition humidors are currently on display. They looked great in the pictures but they look totally stunning in the flesh. 

They are due to move on soon and I will try to keep track of them and let you know where they are but I thought you might like to see some pictures. To see part 1 of this Blog item and more details on these amazing humidors follow this LINK


Sikari-Jukka said...

Thanks 4 informacion.
Very Nice Humidor. Excellence.
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Jukka Svahn
Robaina Cigar Club / Helsinki

broker said...

Please see our 50th anniversary Sautter humidors -

pallavi said...

Hey its very interesting post.....


ddd said...

Looks great :-)