Friday, September 25, 2009

Cigars over London - Huge cloud of Havana smoke spotted over London

Recently a group of Cigar smokers who first met on the UK Cigar Forum on the internet got together to walk the Cuban Cigar Walk London and then in the evening smoking cigars by London's river Thames to celebrate one year of the forum's existence.

A group of 20 completed the Audio Guide and for the first time we used radio head sets which ensure that everyone hears the guide simultaneously.

We lunched at the wonderful Red Lion pub in crown passage and many bemused passers by could not understand why the old gas lit alleyway was filled with vast clouds of cigar smoke on a quiet September Saturday afternoon.

We ended the walk at the Churchill Museum Cabinet War rooms and a group of 14 of us made our way into the museum where you can see Sir Winston Churchill's war time head quarters and the remains of one of his exceptionally well chewed cigars.

In the evening we met up with a larger party at a great pub calledhe Doggetts Coat and Badge on the South bank of the Thames overlooking Blackfriars Bridge and proceeded to produce huge clouds of Havana smoke.

One of the advantages of smoking cigars with a group from an internet forum is that everyone posts a note to tell you what they smoked and of the 12 that smoked here are the details:

They smoked a total of 54 cigars

The most cigars smoked by one person was 8 (Lascau)
20 different brands and 44 different types of cigars were smoked of which over 98% were Cubans

I did a quick check and the most popular brand was Hoya de Monterrey with the most popular cigar being the R&J short Churchill

The full list of cigars smoked was:
Hoyo De Monterrey -Petit Robusto, Epicure Especial, Regalos, Depute, Epicure No 2, Double Corona
San Cristobel -Moralles
Juan Lopez - No 2, Petit Corona
Cohiba - Sublimes, Esplendidos, Robusto, Siglo IV, Siglo V, Genios
Cuaba - Distinguidos
Ramon Allones - Corona, Small Club Corona
Montecristo - No 2, No 4, Sublime, Edmundo, Open Regata
Bolivar - Royal Corona, Petit Corona, Belicosos Finos
El Rey Del Mundo - Demi Tasse
La Auro - Leoninos
Partagas- Charlotte (1998), P2, D4, Lusitanias
Por Larranaga- Belicoso Extra
Punch - Petit Corona, Double Corona
Romeo & Julietta - Short Churchill, Dukes
Trinidad - Fundadores
Upmann - Magnum 48
Vegas Robaina - Famosos
Non Cuban - OPUS X, Placeres Reserva, Dunhill Petit Corona

As you can imagine the smell on that terrace was wonderful and the few drops of rain didn't spoil a great evening.
Same time next year everyone?

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Cesare said...

Nice people and excellent cigars. Congratulations Nic