Monday, July 30, 2012

An Original Cigar Cutter

Some people have the most stylish cigar cutters!

If you are a cigar lover you will have your favourite cigar cutter. If you are like me it's one that you have had for ages and which you are terrified of losing.

The London cigar stores are full of wonderful technology to ensure that you cut the cap from your cigar perfectly every time however, some people just have to go that little bit further.

My picture shows Edward Sahakian the owner of the Davidoff Cigar store in London with, on the right of the picture Major James Fox on the left 2nd Lieutenant Rupert Budge. Both are from the Grenadier Guards. Edward is a General in the Royal Cigar Guards (Trinidad Battalion)!

The Store had helped Major Fox select some cigars for a mess dinner at the Officers Mess at St James's palace. It is a little known fact that when the smoking ban came into effect in the UK all royal palaces were excluded. This includes the 'Palace of Westminster' which means that MP's are free to smoke a cigar. Sir Winston Churchill would have been delighted.

St James's Palace and the Davidoff London cigar store are included in the Cuban Cigar walk which is part of the London Cigar Guide App the iPhone/iPad/iPod app which will guide you around the finest cigar stores and cigar terraces in London. It is available from the App Store.

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