Saturday, June 9, 2012

250 years since the English landed in Cuba

On the 6th June 1762 an English expeditionary force started landing troops in Cuba. The force under the command of the Earl of Albermarle had left Portsmouth in March with the aim of capturing Havana which had been held by the Spanish for over 200 years and was their main 'hub' for transport and treasures from South America. Havana was considered to be impregnable.

The English force was made up of five warships and thirty transport ships carrying some 4,000 battle hardened troops. The first group of English forces set foot on Cuban soil on the 6th June at the mouth of the Cojimar river five miles to the east of Havana.

To read the full account of the English Campaign in Cuba and the history of the Island of Wonder from that day to the revolution I recommend you read Cuba a History by Hugh Thomas published by Penguin.

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