Saturday, August 29, 2009

Partagas Culebras – the twisted cigar

I was recently given a Patagas Culebras which is the wonderful twisted three cigars in one.

On Friday I was in London visiting the cigar stores featured on the Cuban Cigar Walk London and I spent some time at Davidoff where Armando, who is in the UK on a break from his usual job as a roller at the Partagas factory in Havana.

I spoke to Armando and Edward Sahakian about the Culebras and got some really interesting details.

I asked Armando about rolling the Culebras and he told me that in order to achieve the twist it was necessary to roll the very loosely and also with very moist tobacco.

Edward told me that he had been told the history of the Culebras by one of the old Cigar importers.

The rollers are apparently allowed to smoke any number of cigars while they are rolling but are only allowed to take 3 cigars home every evening.

In order to discourage them from selling them the three cigars were twisted together.

However as they were for their own consumption the rollers made sure they always used the very best tobacco.

I told Edward and Armando that I intended to smoke mine with a couple of my friends who love cigars. Remember said Edward "that you are smoking the tobacco not the shape".


Sayyed Nasir said...

It is amazing and it gives a taste of two.

Michael said...

sometimes found in Nassau, Bahamas at a small cigar shop next to BA bank on Cable Beach. retails for about 25. true the tobacco is very full of flavor and burns nice white ash. Cohiba maduro is also a great smoke !

Nic said...

And what a great place to smoke a cigar Michael. People tell me smoking by the sea is often their favourite place to smoke.