Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Saved ! House by the Thames

Cities in Sound’s ever popular Bankside Audio Guide ends between the Globe Theatre and the Tate Modern. As you gaze across at the spectacular Millennium Bridge, look back towards the Globe and you will see three small houses which look very isolated and incongruous.

These day’s old houses survive because they have preservation orders slapped on them by the authorities. Many years ago houses that we would love to see today were torn down in the name of progress.

In her book “The House by the Thames” Gillian Tindall tells the story of one of these three houses, 49 Bankside which was built in 1710.

It survived, escaping demolition thanks to a past residents who put up a plaque claiming that Wren lived here while building St Paul’s. This held off the developers, but now this claim is proven to be false.
Today we can just delight in seeing a bit of old London standing proud and tall on the South Bank of the Thames gazing across at a City skyline which has changed so much in it’s life time.

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